"When you drive a 20 year old BMW people just think you are poor, but if you drive a 30 year old BMW then they think you are stupid, too" - Dr. Scott Brylow

Note - some contents not suitable for, well, anyone.
- Mad Gau and the Blue Flame
- For The Newbies
- The Tao of Gau
- Marty Paints a Van
- Larry Explains Blorph
- Ashland Car Graveyard
- Mr. Potato Coupe
- Marty is Bologna
- Erik Shits His Guibo
- Marty and the 6er
- Marty's Mirror
- Larry's Pulls a Transmission
- Marty's Craving
- Marty's Plan
- Marty Wins Powerball
- The Bavaria Liberation Army
- Rat Bastards (RB2002s)
- Marty Goes To A Party
- Where's My Battery?
- Marty's Washing Machine
- Translating a Haynes Manual
- Marty's Musical
- Marty's Bushing, And More
- Larry's Response to Bushings
- Marty's Gran Torino
- Al Explains
- Christmas
- Marty's Rental Car
- Pete's Motronic Trick
- Fuel Sender Repair (Leslie Wong)
- Short Shifter (Leslie Wong)
- Power Door Locks (Leslie Wong)
- Parts needed for an automatic to 5-speed swap
- Charcoal Canisters and You
- Notes on converting to L-jetronic fuel injection
- Installing E38 power+heated seats (brackets from Nameless Performance

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