Subject: WOB: Strange Sights
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 20:08:04
From: "Marty Roach" <>


I saw a 100 pts restoration of a 320i. (True. Honest.) Every single nut, bolt, clip, clamp, and hose was new. Even the lug nuts were unmarred. Stock radio. It was stunning.

Shortly thereafter, I took a small refrigerator magnet from my pocket and tossed it far into the sky. Not wanting to actually scream out, "Who is the pinhead dumb enough to this?" I thought it would be a good way to prove a theory I had.

When the magnet came down, it stuck on the metal plate that the car's owner had implanted in his head to cover the hole where his brain was removed.

Entreprising readers may ask: "Why didn't the magnet stick to the plate in your head, Uncle Marty?"

"Well, children, the plate I had in my head was made by Karmann of Osnabruck, and in the damp solid waste environment it was forced to operate, it has long since rusted away."

The moral of the story is that if you want a CS Coupe, you do, in fact, need a hole in the head.


I met a BMW certified master tech at a keg party who also builds street rods: chopped Mercs, Deuces, etc. He knows his stuff. This gent swore to me that when he went to BMW HQ in the mid 80s, the first V12 training engines that were in the shop didn't have spooky Euro-fag injection on them...


A Holley double pumper on a dual plane aluminum manifold.

BTW, I drank so much beer that I could feel it sloshing around in me. (...belch...). I probably made an ass of myself; 20 gallons of cheap beer tends to unleash the beast within me (...burp...). Thank God I had my Ohio State PhD sweatshirt on.

"That was (...burrrp...) your wife?"
"Sorry 'bout your shoes"
"Was that your sandwich?"

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