Subject: Re: Quality Time Update
Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2001 23:09:25
From: Larry Klein <>

Marty Roach wrote:
> Happy fun weekend! 93 degrees.
> transmission output shaft seal crapped out at only 3k miles.
> GL-4 everywhere. Trashed the luscious 3M undercoating where
> it settled. Greasy steamy oily hell. 4.5 hours, including
> more shift linkage bullocks.
> E12 Motorsports compliance bushing. About 1 hour of terror and
> blind animal rage. Installed only one. I was nearly sobbing
> with anger by the time in went in. Other one can wait.

That's not still the CR 5 speed, is it?

Perhaps it was too full? I don't think pressurized lubricant is supposed to be behind that - it's not a high pressure seal.

I got 1/2 hour into replacing compliance bushings once. Quit after learning 17 new filthy words in as many minutes. They're still in the box in the garage. I fear them.


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