Subject:Re: Political- something sure to get me thrown off the list...

Months ago, I laid out my plan for fiscal integrity:

1) on-shore whaling of fat people with BMI index outside of statistical norm. We would reduce food prices and dependency on furrin erl.

2) offer Mexico lump sum payment of $75k for every fat old USA smoker that they are willing to swap for a healthy young adult. Health care costs go down and future demographics improve.

3) Andrey buys my KoOpE for $250k

4) all business executives who make more than a certain salary must wear clown suits on casual Friday or they will be executed on the spot.

5) incentivize the investor class elite by privatizing financial gain but make any financial losses the responsibility of taxpayers. (this idea is already being used. Dammit)

"the world is a concrete toilet"

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