Subject: Al Explains

EastFest 2010. Chris Scanlon & Jason Griffith are looking at giant oil tanker diesel engines on the internet with their phones.

Al Taylor: Y'all have these little computers you're always lookin at. You better be lookin at porn on those things.

Jason Griffith: No, just the worlds largest diesel engines, but hey look at this, diesel engine, diesel engine, diesel engine (flipping through Google images), diesel engine, porn.

Al Taylor: Oh yeah, that's Ken Battaglia. He's from Brazil. You can find his videos on Monster Cock dot com. They just find the smallest white woman they can and he just puts her on with this little velcro strap...

Jason Griffith: (Speechless)........Hey Al, your shirt is on inside out.

Al Taylor: Aw man, that's fucked up.

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