Subject: Quality Time Update
Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2001 17:34:24
From: "Marty Roach" <>

Happy fun weekend! 93 degrees.

Transmission output shaft seal crapped out at only 3k miles. GL-4 everywhere. Trashed the luscious 3M undercoating where it settled. Greasy steamy oily hell. 4.5 hours, including more shift linkage bollocks.

E12 Motorsports compliance bushing. About 1 hour of terror and blind animal rage. Installed only one. I was nearly sobbing with anger by the time in went in. Other one can wait.

Urethane sway end links. 20 minutes.

Power steering belt. 10 minutes. No more howl.

Installed 16" rims. 40 minutes

Did not install drip rail trim. Dammit.

Raining buckets now. Cannot provoke another breakdown until it stops raining.


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