Subject: Report from Ashland E3 graveyards
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 10:51:32 -0400
From: "Tim Hill" <>
To: <>

Somewhere in Virginia

Henry House and I trekked down from Maryland yesterday.

10 E3s within a few square miles. Curiously, all automatic
1 polaris 3.0si that supposedly ran
1 Agave Bavaria that caught fire
1 Agave Bavaria stripped to its hull
1 Malaga late 71 Bavaria hosting home to mosquito colony
1 Polaris Bavaria sinking into kudzu and weeds next to a Firestone store
5 other Bavarias and 3.0s cleared from clusters of vines and weeds after Al Taylor went down with his gardening tools, with various useable parts

Overall, 2 lots full of junked cars, from scooters to campers to half-buried Volvos, 2 personable but extremely eccentric owners, 1000s of mosquitoes, hopefully none carrying the West Nile virus.

--"Some men fool around with women. Some men like to drink. Me, I collect mechanicals."
--"What's wrong with this Isuzu Trooper?" "It needs a nice home."
--"This car has only 40,000 miles. It ran beautifully before the carburetors caught fire." The engine ghastly, ashen white. The body returning to iron ore.
--"When I parked it, it ran great." "When did you park it?" "Hmmm (rubs chin) I don't remember."
--On presenting owner a pile of removed parts, he points to one item, "Do you really need that?" I took it as a philosophical question.

A surreal experience neither of us are likely to forget.

I look at my cars in a new light.

I have been changed.

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74 Bavaria, runs beautfully
71 Bavaria, awaiting that damned head

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