Subject: Re: E-Mail Digest
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 12:26:52
From: "Michael Harper" <>

> Is there a digest form of this E3 e-mail list??
> Scott Duell

Sure, here is the universal digest version of the E3 list:

Q & A:

"My fuel gauge is bouncing. What do I do?"
"Run an extra ground wire from the back of your gauge directly to ground."

"My clock doesn't work. What do I do?"
"Check out the FAQ Larry put together."

"My carburetors suck. What do I do?"
"Install Webers."

"My blinker idiot light doesn't stay on. What do I do?"
"Check the bulbs/connections in your taillights and polish your fuse holders (see Dr Bush for instructions on using steel wool)."

"My temp gauge is running hot. What do I do?"
"Install a three row radiator."

"How do I get new keys made for my E3?"
"At the dealer. YES: THE DEALER."

"There's white smoke coming out of my tailpipe. Could it be something other than a cracked head?"
"No. Absolutely not."

"My hood won't stay up."
"Replace the spring ends/springs (see FAQ)."

"Will a 3.5L engine bolt into a Bav?"
"Essentially, yes."

"My rear window defogger doesn't really work. What can I do?"
"Nothing other than replace it if you really want it to work."

"How can I balance/tune my dual/triple carburetors?"
"You can't, unless you've sold your soul to Satan, or you are Bill Arnold. Get it close and be happy."

"Can I upgrade to Motronic without changing the brake booster?"
"Sure, if you can find the sasquatch of L-Jet/Motronic intake manifolds that we've all heard about but never seen except in that coop on the Roundel cover. In other words, NO."

"Where is this 'Marty' actually from?"
"We're not really sure."

"What does the MF in Dr MF Strangegau stand for?"

"Who is Dale Phelps?"
"Ask Dr MF Strangegau."

"What calibre pistol should I buy?"


"[Haynes Manual, E3, E3 part] on ebay. No affiliations, yada, yada."

"Come on, guys, can't we all just be friends?"

"How do I unsubscribe from this list?"

"Can you *please* (keep the messages on-topic, stop including everything in replies)?"

"<tired urban legend>"

"<virus hoax alert>"

For all other questions, the answers are one of the following:
1) You can probably buy one new from the dealer
2) Check your grounds
3) Upgrade to Motronic
4) David has one

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