Subject: Re: H1/H4 inserts, part II
Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2000 18:42:52 -0800
From: Larry Klein <>

> > > >Peter Florance wrote:
> > > >IMO, the harnesses don't overheat because the wire itself
> > > >gets hot along it's length, but rather the crimps joints get
> > > >oxidized and the overheating begins at one end.

> > >Larry Klein wrote:
> > >And, as the wire gets hotter, it's resistance goes up, making
> > >it hotter still, until eventually the whole thing goes POOF.
> > >
> > >-L

> >Michael Harper wrote:
> >Oh, you mean it doesn't go, "BLORPH?"
> >
> >Michael

>Jonathan Bush wrote:
>Oh, I think Ler should tell the class the Story Of Blorph.
>Dr. Bush

Perhaps Ler shouldn't...

Let's just say that I didn't know that one could actually SAY a sound effect. At least, it sounded said, as opposed to actually being a sound generated as the product of an unspeakably horrible bodily function, which it actually was...I was in the other room at the time, hiding under the toilet.


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