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Max, the infamous 1972 Bavaria, of Jonathan Bush. Max is the star of the "Too Bad It's A Bav" story found elsewhere. He has not, as of late, lived up to his reputation. See all the details here.
Dexter, owned by Michael Harper. Dexter is a family car, having been purchased new in 1972 by Michael's grandfather-in-law. Dexter went from there to Michael's father-in-law to a barn to Michael, where he is loved and cared for today. Although Dex is lovely to look at (see him at Zymöl:, he has been through alot: a 3.5L with ported head and Motorsport cam running Motronic fuel injection, 5-speed conversion, electric window conversion and central door locking from E12/E28 donors, Euro gauges, H1/H4s, black leather, AC, ST swaybars and springs, Bilsteins all around, limited slip, coupe rims, and a rockin' stereo round out the package nicely. Now if Michael will just get respectable tires on this heap we'll leave him alone for a while!
Jim Bartridge, the co-coordinator of the SSR, owns this stunning 1970 2500.
William Gau, the former coordinator of the SSR, built a Callaway turbocharged Bavaria. Check out the full story here.
Bruno, the Saved One. Jonathan Bush bought him to save him from the crusher. Larry Klein now owns and cares for Bruno. They both live in upstate CT. This photo was taken at a Shell station on the drive from San Francisco to Fullerton, CA (near LA). Bruno performed flawlessly.
Eric Schwarz has slowly been restoring his 1972 Viennician blue Bavaria, shown here with his german shepard (or someone's) named Natasha. The backdrop for this photo are the Ruby Mountains of Elko County, Nevada.
A famous E3 and its owner, Lee Yates. For those of you who remember, his 1972 Bavaria was featured in an article entitled "Poor Man's M5" published in the November 1988 issue of the Roundel.
David Woodham's perfectly gorgeous 1971 2800.
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