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The Callaway Turbo Bavaria
by William Gau, SSR - #2
Track Report from December 19, 1999

Here are some before, during, and after photos of my recently completed restoration project, a turbocharged, fuel-injected Bavaria. It started out life as a heap which had sat for 4 years on a derilict trailer which you see pictured above. I bought the trailer and unfortunately the car came with it. After I got the car off the trailer I immediately called the junkyard to have it hauled off. I began peeling parts off of it and discovered something astonishing ... it was a rust free body.

Circumstance conspired agasint me and I quickly came into the posession of a Callaway turbocharger kit for a 633 CSi. The kit had sat on a shelf in a dealership for 20 years without ever being opened.

Progress? I made the mistake of deciding to repaint the whole car ... I wanted a cool, Polaris Silver Bavaria. So I figured I'd strip the car and start over.

I don't recommend it.

A friend of mine has a family body shop so I stripped it in my driveway and we dragged it up to his shop. We sandblasted it (which I also don't recommend) did a little bodywork here and there, primed it and sprayed it in a continuous 36 hour Taco Bell-fueled dust spree. And it looks it. To make matters worse, in the elaborate DuPont paint computer we couldn't find Polaris anywhere, so we had to paint it Arctic Silver, an M3 color.

Below is a list of the crazy things which lurk beneath the hood of this car:
  • 3.5 Liter engine with dished pistom pistons
  • 745i cylinder head
  • L-Jetronic Fuel Injection
  • Vintage Callaway Turbocharger kit with AirResearch T-4 Turbocharger
  • Getrag 265 Five speed
  • MSD-6A Ignition
  • Mallory Distributor
  • Vented Discs
  • Suspension Techniques Sway bars, 28mm front / 22mm rear


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