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Greg Wilson and his 1972 Bavaria daily driver in Evanston, Illinois. Greg actually bought it in Denton, TX and drove it back to IL.
An action photo of Bill Bowes' famed POJ (may it Rest In Pieces) at a driver's school. This should encourage all of you to take your E3s to driver's school, O'Fests, autocrosses. Anything that will increase the exposure and steal the spotlight from the '02s!
Mike Boyle's 1976 3.0Si, in Garnet red with white leather interior!
John Sumner's 1971 3.0Si, imported from Munich to Vancouver via England, and once driven by David Hobbs.
David Woodham's absurdly beautiful 3.3L. In the dictionary under 'elegant' it says see this car.
Pete Schoenenberger and his clean 1972 3.5L Motronic-powered Bavaria. This photo was taken at the SSR 1998 WestFest, in and around Lake Tahoe. Yes, that's snow.
This is none other than Tom Van Gunten's tricked out 1972 Bavaria.
This is the famed Stan "Iceman" Jackson's perfect 1972 Bavaria. It is the lowest mileage E3 that the SSR knows of, with the odo reading 12,800 original miles. He bought two at the same time, parking one in the garage. In the other he won great fame as the Northeast's hottest ice racer.
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