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Models 2500, 2800, Bavaria, 3.0 S, 3.0 Si, 2.8L, 3.3L 

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Check out the E3 Buyers Guide if you own one or want to buy one. You can also read the E3 Guide From Road & Track's Used Car Classics.

AC, Heating and Ventilation 

Why R134a, why not an alternative?




Caliper Rebuild Procedures 



The "Cracking Head" Syndrome



Electro-mechanical Clock Fix 



Hood Spring Assembly 

Trunk Project how to stop rust

Underhood lighting


Fuel System

I Smell Gas in my Interior 

Zenith Rebuild Procedures 

2x2 bbl. to 4bbl. Conversions

2x2 bbl. to 4bbl. conversion Version one

2x2 bbl. to 4bbl. conversion Version two


Suspension and Steering



Conversion of Automatic to Manual Transmission 



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