Underhood Illumination


There is a lead for the light in the part of the harness containing the wires to the left horn that comes out from under the front core support at the left hood hinge, or there abouts.  It should be a single lead with protected spade connector (2-3" long, 1/4 square plastic thing).

This is hot only when the headlight switch is pulled on at least to the first stop or the parking light klick stop. There is a deboss with holes for a light assembly in the middle back edge of the hood and another to the left sid oth back of the hood for the switch. The switch and the light assembly are the same as the ones in the trunk and should be eassy to find. Tthe only difficult thing to find will be the stop for the plunger switch that bolts to the firewall, you will also see an emboss in the shape of the part of the stop that bolts up the the firewall in the correct spot, but you will need to drill the holes. The holes in the hood are predrilled so all you have to do is screw onthe light assemble and switch, run one wire to the light, from the light to th switch, and from the switch to ground.

TA DA..... Underhood Illumination




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