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The Callaway Turbo Bavaria
by William Gau, SSR - #2
Track Report from December 19, 1999

Subject: <report> Turbocharged, fuel-injected, blah, blah
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 19:05:15 -0700
From: Bill Gau <>

Took my car to the racetrack this weekend . . . I've been hesitant to beat on it too much, etc., but had the opportunity to race against some pretty cool cars, so I figured what the hell.

Unfortunately, the loan of some Toyo race tires didn't come thru at the last second so I had to run on street tires (that's tyres for you, BP).

I will not go into what a great weekend it was, how nice the weather was, etc.

The Bavaria is, above all things, a big car. The transitions in the chicanes can be tricky.

I absolutely destroyed everyone on the straight (8/10 mile) except for two NSXs and a CR5 Corvette. In the twisties, I had cars driving in my trunk (mostly Integra Rs and M3s) and I actually managed to help an old MX3 put it into the wall. When will people learn not to follow so damn close?

The oil pressure was doing funny things, mostly acting like the engine was starved. I think it was the fault of the internal diaphram pump in the oil filter housing (ala Euro 635CSi) which pumps oil to the turbocharger. After about 8 laps, at the end of the straight (at 110 mph) between shifts, the light would flicker. Bad Ju Ju.

I can't tell you how much attention the car drew. People were like, "that thing looks like it belongs in a museum! HOLY MACKEREL! Is that a TURBOCHARGER!?" It was very funny. The only other car which drew more attention was a mint Bugeye Sprite with Nitrous. A lot of CCA Local Chapter guys were like, "man, you've gotta come to the damn Chapter events! We don't have any old cars!" To these guys, an '88 M3 is an old car. Heh.

Anyway, there is a very cheap driving club out here and if any of you knuckleheads want some cool driving time at places like Pheonix Int'l Raceway or Firebird Int'l Raceway, I'll let you know when the next race is. Cheap fun (assuming your car doesn't explode).

William Gau

'73 Turbocharged, fuel-inj. Bavaria 3.5 / Arctic Silver / 3104376
'77 R100RS / Alpineweiss / 6180181
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