Related Club Links
  • If you're not already a member, consider joining the BMW Car Club of America. Without them, we would not exist.
  • The International Council of BMW Clubs, your gateway to a global network of BMW enthusiast organizations.
  • Gregory Szczyrbak has established the First Fives Registry, dedicated to the E3s successor, the E12. This page is growing and growing, so check back often!
  • The German E3 Club from Der Fatherland, this proves there is a definite lust for our beloved E3s from whence they came. Lots of excellent photos.
  • The CS Registry Homepage, courtesy of Art & Marilyn Wegweiser, charter members of the SSR. If you have a coupe (or know anyone who does) let them know about the CS Registry before the sun sets today!
  • The Tarheel Chapter of the CCA. This was the Registry's "home" chapter, as it is what region William Gau was in. Not only is the membership coordinator of the chapter a lifelong member of the SSR (Paul Mele, SSR member #010) but the vice-president (and surely the past president) of the chapter, Paul Hoecke, is the original founder of the Registry and is still SSR member #001.
  • The BMW Car Club of British Columbia is the most active BMW Car Club north of the 49th. Dave Beddows calls this Club home; his E3 is a unbelievably rare 1972 Alpina, which shares stable space with a 1959 600 Limo
  • The M535i Special Interest Group, maintained by Chris Graff.
  • The CS Zone, which has some E3 content within.

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