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Senior Six Registry E3 Octoberfest West 1998

The second annual WestFest was a resounding success, held October 23-25, 1998. There were 12 cars, up from last year's three. The event was based out of the Tahoe Biltmore, where there was ample parking for photos. We caravaned around the area, including a cruise around the lake. On Saturday, we toured Harrah's Auto Museum. No cars broke, with the exception of one horn wire and a few fan blades. No cars or people were stranded.

Members came from all over, including Oregon, Pennsylvania and (in William Gau's case) North Carolina. Friends and family came along, and enjoyed the good times and good company.

Group photos from the Biltmore Hotel and Casino. These shots depict the morning ritual: "Will it start, and should I let it warm up. And what's with this thin air?!"

Scenery and E3s, nothing more beautiful. The picture on the right shows, yes, SNOW! This was the weekend of the first snowfall in Lake Tahoe. Some cars there had never seen snow before!

On the left is Eric and Fabiola Schwarz's Bavaria on a scenic overlook. Next is a picture of two special 1972 Bavarias. The left car is Michael Harper's red on black leather, and on the right is Don Nichol's black on red leather. Don's car is purported to be one of three imported with this color combination. It is completely original and completely gorgeous. On the right is Jim Bartridge, the coordinator of this adventure, driving home the final day. In the snow!

Every adventure needs a mascot. Meet Paka, the sweetest Dobie you've ever met. She belongs to Doug Loberg.

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