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Senior Six Registry E3 Octoberfest West

The Senior Six Registry held simultaneous Octoberfests on the East and West Coasts in 1997. These images are of the West Coast Event, organized by Tony Magee. The images were produced by a Kodak Digital Camera and were provided by Jonathan Bush. Commentary by William Gau and Jonathan Bush.

The most heralded photo of the WestFest outing is perhaps Steve the Waiter (second from right). Steve was the wacked-out, very touchy-feely, Valium-addict waiter who was on a first-name basis with everyone at the table. Jonathan Bush commented, "I wish I could go to work wacked out on Valium!"

To the right is a line up of all those members who attended (later renamed the Usual Suspects). From left to right: Michael and Beth Harper, Tony Magee in the center, and Scott Brylow on the end with his lovely wife, Andrea Gallagher.

Here are, um, action photos of the WestFest outing. From left to right:

Scott Brylow doing his holeshot off the gravel. Do not be fooled - he doesn't have a limited slip.

When three E3s have their hoods up, there is the distinct possibility that they all have died. Anyway, that's what the Sheriff said. Actually, what he said was, "So, I suppose it's not likely that all three of the same car quit, right?" We all laughed.

Despite the photo having been taken in Michael Harper's trunk, this is what a full tool kit looks like in North Carolina.

An action photo of the mighty caravan "on the road." This was taken from the driver's seat of the chase car, an infamous 1985 Honda Prelude belonging to Jonathan Bush.

From left to right:

A meeting of the minds (perhaps waiting for the mind to arrive).

Scott Brylow (the man whose garage has hosted many surgeries).

Scott Brylow's Bavaria, the "Saharia."

Tony Magee's Bavaria, good-as-new after a run-in with a Buick.

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