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Senior Six Registry E3 Octoberfest West 2000
By Pete Schoenenberger

Jim Bartridge is on the extreme left, moving right is me, Pete Schoenenberger, then is Marco Camargo, then Fred (Jim's brother-in-law), then there is Doug Snyder and, last but not least, (without his E3 that day) is Gary Hesse from Southern California.

To all,
Well I guess I will sum up the results of West Fest 2000. Not as big of a crowd as in the past but a good time was had anyway.

It officially started Saturday morning when Jim Bartridge and his wife Gigi, together with brother in law Fred and wife Eloise, Marco and friend Marisa, started on their journey to Modesto from Sacramento. They arrived at my house at 9 am. There is a funny feeling that is felt when you look out your front window to see three E3's pulling up in front of your house. Unexplainable!

We took off toward Yosemite shortly after introductions were completed. Cruising down highway 99 we got sprayed with some sort of of pesticide that ruined visibility out the front window. Everyone wanted to blame the E3 that was in front of them for spitting crap out the exhaust pipe. Until they found out that I had it on my windshield also, and I was leading. Luckily Jim had window cleaner with him so we all had to pull over and clean the front glass in Merced.

After finally reaching Yosemite we were greeted by Gary Hesse from LA. He didn't have his E3 but he did have some nice pictures to prove to us that he does own one. Nice motor Gary!

After lunch and a visit to the Awanha hotel (Marco had to take a nap). We returned to the parking lot to find another E3! That one belonged to Doug Snyder from Palo Alto. A very nice Fjord '73.

This was the "fun time": Sitting in the parking lot across the street from the world famous Yosemite falls and all 6 of us could do nothing more but BS about our E3's. Nothing is more important! It doesn't matter where we are.

After this we parted ways. Marco stayed with Marisa to see some more of Yosemite. Gary grabbed a bite to eat and was heading toward Fresno. Jim, Fred, Doug and I headed back down the hill.

I definitely had a good time. I have learned that next time we get together we need less driving time and more time to just sit around and talk cars.

I hope we can get together before the holidays, maybe have a swap meet somewhere near the Bay Area or Sacramento.

Thanks to all who attended, and make sure you guys thank that woman that sat in the passenger seat and put up with your high speed driving. Thank you to Tom Van Gunten for putting out the mailer.

Mark your calendars for Memorial Day Weekend 2001 in Visalia, CA, where we will descend upon the Coupe Fest to Offend and Horrify!!

See ya,

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