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EuroFest 1999 at the Zentrum

About the only things we know from this adventure were that it was held at the manufacturing facility in Spartanburg, SC, and that a bunch of people pushed a nasty MGB down stream.

Subject: <re-visit> Bavarian Liberation Army at Eurofest '99
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 13:07:37 -0700
From: Bill Gau <>

Cleaning out one's mailbox is always tedious. I recommend doing it as you go along.

But I ran across this old message from Jim Potsch (SSR 186) in which he documented the expulsion of some ratty MGB that had the GALL to come wheezing up and park next to our flawless row of 30 odd BMWS (half E3s, half E9s)

Someone (I would like to think it was me) decided to push it into the ditch, the sentiment being "if he tries to stop us, there are 10 of us and we'll stuff him into his own trunk".

Bill Gau
(still SSR 002)

More comments below were written by Jim Potsch.
"I think this started with William Gau saying something like "#*%@, POS!" The next thing someone suggests moving the car... brake released and they're off. Notice the "Flash Rust" on the front fender. On the car's cracked windshield was a napkin with a hand written "For Sale. Runs" I actually think that my Bavaria would have lost the "reverse concours" to this car."
"Now here is the march back to the E3's. The Bavaria in the foreground is my Dad's 73. The only reason I mention this is because it's a blatant display of our last minute license plate swap cause his car didn't pass emissions. The guilty. John, Authur, William, and Jim."

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