Senior Six Registry E3 Octoberfest East 1998

On October 2-4, 1998, Jeff Baker (SSR #146) graciously offered to host this celebration at his home in Roswell, GA, a quiet suburb of Atlanta. The attendees enjoyed a tour of the Georgia Mountains, copious food and alcohol intake, and an autocross. This sampling of pictures was shamelessy stolen from Barry Miller and Gerald Stanley. Check out their links for the all the pictures!

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These freaks are here to party! At Jeff Baker's palacial abode. The last picture is Herr Gau wondering where all that time went. Hint - it's the silver car in the picture!

Autocrossing. Scary. The pictures speak for themselves. William Gau's Callaway Lunacy at speed, in a rare moment of traction; Steve Good on his way to winning the autocross; Bill Bowes' POJ; Greg Young displaying a bit of lock-up; Gerald Stanley's Bavaria; Tom Van Gunten, sporting the freaky-styly air dam; Jeff Baker, the host; David Woodham's Secret Weapon on take-off; the group at a gas station. Imagine the site of 15 hungy 20-gallon tanks if you were the owner!

The Usual Suspects. You know who you are!

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