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Senior Six Registry E3 Octoberfest East

The Senior Six Registry held simultaneous E3 Octoberfests on the East and West Coasts in 1997. These images are of the East Coast Event, organized and hosted by William Gau, the former Coordinator of the Registry. Notes by William Gau.

Members of the SSR aboard the Registry Flagship, HMS Salvage, give the SSR salute, the "loser" sign, as that's what one feels like ofttimes when one drives an E3. From Left to right (in the car) are: Tom Van Gunten, Steve Good, Bruce Farrar, Ryan Neve, Paul Hoecke (the loser with his "L" the wrong way!) below him is Erik Aasland, beside Erik is William Gau, above William is David Woodham, and scratching his head is Gerald Stanley. To the right is a similar line up with their cars.

This is the famed "secret weapon" project car created by David Woodham, SSR member #005. It began life as a 1975 3.0 Si but currently sports every conceivable modification an E3 could have, including: an S38 3.6 liter DOHC 24 valve M5 engine; a Metric Mechanic Sport/Overdrive 5 speed; an LSD; a hand fabricated front air dam; a CSL style rear window air deflector (the technical term for which is Das Schluggelflugen); an E12 M535i rear trunk lid spoiler; brand new 16 inch Alpina wheels shod with 225mm and 245mm Dunlop SP8000 tires; specially valved Bilstein shocks; Dinan Springs; Suspension Techniques bars (28mm and 22mm). It has an immaculate Polaris exterior and an equally immaculate black leather interior.

Above are more photos of the O'Fest East. From left to right: Another shot of David Woodham's Motorsport E3 at the Duke University Chapel; another line up of E3s; my back yard stacked with a healthy stable (my neighbor's worst nightmare); and a shot of folks enjoying the wine and cheese social in the Asiatic section of Duke University's flower gardens.

Ryan Neve's illustrious 3.5 Metric Mechanic wonder car, rounding the bend at Road Atlanta, which he attended the week prior to the E3 O'fest.

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