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Images courtesy of John Connin, Dale Olson, Gerald Stanley and Graham Thomas. For more images, click on their names.

The 2003 Senior Six Registry EastFest
August 8-10, 2003
Asheville, NC

East Fest 2003, 3 days of mayhem, lie telling, traffic law disregard, parts swapping and conspicuous pork consumption. Erik Aasland hosted this year. Festers caravaned to the 5er fest in Boone, NC, on Saturday morning to offend and horrify, followed by twisty road consumption on return to Asheville for Alfa Romeo destruction and parts swap liquidation. Sunday was open for more twisty drives and significant other placation.

Graham Thomas and David Woodham burning up the highways and byways. Here, we see them passing some nutbag towing not one, but two E12s behind a motorhome. According to Graham, they were passing at about the century mark, which means the motorhome was running about 90 mph.

E3s crashing the 5er Fest. Who's yo daddy!?

From left to right, first row: Erik Aasland's turbo Bavaria; John Connin's 2800; Graham Thomas's Bavaria. Second row: Greg Young's 3.0Si; Tom Van Gunten's Bavaria; Rob Hall's Bavaria.

And then the rains came. And came. And came some more. If these were Coupes, they would have dissolved. But then, these aren't Coupes, are they?

No Fest would be complete without a cul-de-sac. This gathering had it all: chicks, folks passed out on the tarmac, and a tractor. The last picture was the sum-total of the mighty EastFest swap meet.

Casa de Aasland, with assorted criminals.

Fests always have mascots. Herein, two random dogs and Slut Kitty.

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