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Arthur Porter's 1972 3.0 ex-Group 1 Touring Car

Arthur personally imported this car almost a decade ago and have enjoyed racing it successfully around the country. It was raced in England by two of that countries most colorful drivers and has been in racing service most all of its life. The above photo was taken at the now-defunct Stapleton Airport course in CO.


  • 3.5 litre engine
  • Huge AP Lockheed racing brakes
  • Paddy Hopkirk racing seat
  • Onboard fire system
  • Huge ATL fuel cell
  • Extensive roll cage
  • TRW Camlock belts
  • Magnesium Minilites
  • Triple 50 DCOE Webers
  • Racing exhaust
  • Fully adjustable
  • Huge Front and Rear Sway Bars

This car is vintage and BMW Club Racing eligible nationwide.

The 3.0 at the Las Vegas races, next to another Motoporter sibling.

The Motoporter 3.0 at its first USA outing in 1993 at Denver, CO.

The 3.0 in the 70s...

The 3.0 in the 80s...

The 3.0 today.

The 3.0 is even featured in
national magazines!

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