Special Interest Links
  • The second BMW E3 Homepage is here. A comprehensive page put together by Kelly Holsten of Wilmington, North Carolina after the purchase of his very, very nice '72 Bavaria.
  • If any of you have not yet visited Dr. Glaessl's Website, we urge you to do so. Not only does he have a gorgeous 2.8L, there are 10+ actual E3-assembly-line production photos! Very exciting. There are also some pics of German E3 Klub activities.
  • Gerald Stanley has some old E3 ads on his webpage. You have to see this! Also, go here to view his index of all things E3 on his new site.
  • Here's a link to engine weights. FYI, the average BMW Big-6 weighs about 500lbs.
  • Here's a link to a 136-page document on BMW torque specs.

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