Parts and Services Links
  • Mesa Performance is owned by Jim Stansfield, SSR member #008, who owns and drives no less than five Bavarias. He is known as God-King E3. It says so on his business card.
  • Nameless Performance is located near Vancouver, WA and makes aftermarket parts for the E3 including stainless steel exhaust components and suspension upgrades. They can custom-fabricate most anything and also build turbocharger kits and other performance parts.
  • La Jolla Independent BMW Service and CNPR are owned by Carl Nelson, SSR member #066, who's daily driver is a rockin' 1972 Bavaria with all the tricks one can hang on such a car. CNPR features lots of rare NOS and used parts for the E3, as well as E9s, etc.
  • Gregory Szczyrbak has established the First Fives Registry, dedicated to the E3s. successor, the E12. Within, there is a parts interchange for what works on an E12. More to the point, a lot of what works on an E12 will also work on an E3. Good data here!
  • Metric Mechanic has long been recognized for building the premiere 6 cylinders for our BMWs. Outstanding!
  • Korman Autoworks is owned and operated by Ray Korman in Greensboro, North Carolina. Although they cater to folks who are building track cars, they also perform classic restorations and seem always to have something on special.
  • The Little Garage is owned and operated by Matthew Meng, SSR member #058, who drives an immaculate 1975 3.0 Si. They've been in business for years, have been advertising in the Roundel for years, and have been providing excellent service to E3 owners in and around New York.
  • The Eastwood Company supplies all of those hard to get restoration supplies you'll need when piecing your E3 back together.
  • Member Alexander Vogel own Ava Resotration Services whose website features BMWs as well as BMW parts for sale.
  • Sherwin-Williams, the paint people, have a page on their website for looking up BMW color formulas.

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