The Mission of the Senior Six Registry is the resurrection, restoration, preservation and maintenance of all E3 BMWs on the road today.

We do this by providing unlimited technical support to all members of the SSR, as well as attempt to serve as an informal parts locator for members. We are, essentially, an autonomist collective.

An equally important and by no means secondary mission of the Senior Six Registry is the location and documentation of all 24,797 E3s imported by Max Hoffman into the United States. We are not even close, though through the efforts of the previous Coordinator and the enthusiasm of the membership, we are well on our way.

In our database we have hundreds of cars, with details such as the year, VIN, color, condition, options, current and past owners, and location. This is particularly important of E3s which have shuffled off their mortal coil and wound up on the scrap heap. Each member can contact us in the event they need a replacement part, and we can inform them of a "junked" E3 which best suits their needs, often times finding one identical in year, color, and options.

Our mission extends to the print and internet media. It is our goal to always produce a quarterly newsletter which is both lively and insightful. How many club newsletters have you read which feature photos of the Club Coordinator going around Turn 3 at Watkins Glen in his M3? Do you care? Maybe he should just put a picture of his dog in there for good measure.

Members of the SSR are not subjected to such chapter anomalies as that. We stick to information which is useful and pertinent, timely, and occasionally lighthearted.

Lastly, a Senior Six Registry Mailing List is another source of E3 information. Again, the conversation ranges from lighthearted to deeply technical. We call it "Daily Dose," but it's more on the order of hourly.

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