Articles and Road Tests
  • The long-awaited followup to Too Bad It's Bav! Too bad? We don't think so.
  • A tale from Targa Newfoundland, featuring Frankenbav, from the BMW CCA Golden Gate chapter magazine, Die Flusternde Bombe.
  • Frankenbav profiled in Bimmer magazine, May 2004.
  • August 1999, BMW CCA Golden Gate Chapter Newsletter cover about the heritage of the 740i. The article actually covered little of the E3, but the cover photo was excellent.
  • Classic & Sportscar Magazine, June 1999, pitted a 2500A against a Rover 2000TC, a Triumph 2500S, and an NSU Ro80. Good article, but they should have tried a 3.0S.
  • The Bimmer magazine article on David Woodham's gorgeous 3.3L and the Secret Weapon. Hip proof that E3s are finally getting more press.
  • The End All - Be All article written about The Senior Six Registry E3 East Fest by SSR Coordinator William Gau which appeared in the February 1998 issue of the Roundel. Article poached from Gerald Stanley's website. Click here to see the original two-page picture.
  • Now for something completely different: A Bavaria with a 350 Chevy V8. Wow!
  • The December 1997 Cajun Corner article detailing the Senior Six Registry E3 East Fest, written by SSR member Bruce Farrar. The Cajun Corner is the newsletter of the BMW CCA Louisiana Chapter. This, too, was poached from Gerald Stanley's website.
  • A rather unflattering article in the September 1992 Roundel entitled "Too Bad It's A Bav." Let it be known that the car featured in this Article went on to be Max, owned and loved by Jonathan Bush.
  • Road and Track's November 1973 road test of the 1973 BMW 3.0S.
  • E3 Guide from Road & Track's Used Car Classics - A Guide to Affordable Exciting Cars, 1985. Once again, poached from Gerald Stanley's website.
  • 1974 Reprint from Road Test magazine, poached from Tim Hill's website.
  • New model analysis and road test from Road & Track, May 1969.
  • Hey! Pete Schoenenberger (#137) is famous! His car was featured in the Modesto (CA) Bee on May 18, 2001.
  • June 2001 Total BMW article, scanned by Erik Vaughn Aasland.

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